Fierce PC Becoming Red Bull Gaming Esports Official PC Partner

Fierce PC Becoming Red Bull Gaming Esports Official PC Partner

Fierce PC has been chosen as the official PC partner for Red Bull Racing Esports, a UK based tech expert. Fierce PC, founded and managed by serious gaming players, will bring its expertise to build tailor-made gaming machines online casino Malaysia, VR plants and workstations to provide Red Bull Racing Esports with tailored, efficient systems to provide the best possible results for the drivers of the team on the highest sim racing levels.

With the best available hardware, NVIDIA 30 Series cards, Intel processors, ASUS motherboards and Corsair modules each device will be optimised for competition. Motorsport is concerned with ensuring technological perfection and optimising the vehicles. It’s no different with high-performance structures in Esports and Fierce PC ensures that the team will play at the top of its game, regardless of the event.

 The computers of Fierce PC are built with state-of- the-art components to manage the most stringent applications, and will provide strength, efficiency and reliability to team drivers and sim drivers around the world, when it comes to fighting warmth.” Oliver Hughes, Red Bull Racing Honda Chief Marketing Officer.

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I am very happy to have won this relationship with Red Bull Racing Esports along with the rest of the Fierce PC team. From the first discussions we had together, it was obvious that our brands were well compatible. Therefore Malaysia bet online, the Red Bull Racing Esports Team as their Official PC Partner had to be supported. 

We will help the Red Bull Racing Esports team in this collaboration by supplying all the reliable hardware the drivers need in the competition to compete at their best. The systems we have specially designed for the team include the new and finest equipment from brands including Intel, NVIDIA, ASUS, Corsair, and Seagate.”

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It would not be just for the pro-sim drivers of the team, but also for the Red Bull Racing Erena to be equipped with its high-tech equipment. Red Bull Racing Esports and Fierce supporters will now be able to see the precise details of the plants on the website of the Red Bull Racing Esports team. For 2021 Red Bull Racing Esports added a new partner. In a deal where Fierce is developing and developing a team that has PCs, VR platforms and workstations for the team to elevate a little more, Fierce PCs are joining the team as their official PC partner.

Motorsport is all about improvement in technology and optimising the available facilities,” said Oliver Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer of Red Bull Racing Honda in a press release. “There is little difference in Esport and the highly driven Fierce PC systems can ensure that the team will play its lead, regardless of the event. The machine of Fierce PC, built using state of the art materials, are tailored to meet the most challenging applications and, where it matters most, provide the team drivers and sim drivers all over the world with control, efficiency and reliability.

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